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Time Machine

“Time Machine” by Vikneshan

If you could go back in time,
What would you change?
Would it be,
The way you cried on the first day of school?
Knowing you d end up right where you are now
Just right, thats what you are right now

Would you tell yourself,
all the hurtful things that you wished you hadn’t done…
Like the flowers, you stepped on
Mrs.Jones garden just because you were angry
a long spring’s night ago

And What if i told you i could make a time machine,
And it only could work once,
Which would be your final destination
The Past or The future?

Pick the future, i said
Well you said to me,
What if i didn’t the like the future?
If the world had to come to an end
when i m 70?
Would i have to see that?

I told you…
When that day comes,
you d only care about the people
care about, being around them
The best advice, i have for you,
is the one i said to myself
Let only the important leave a mark
The bold and courages love
The strong the stand tall
Your smile over tears.
Let me hand over my time machine.

come to think about it again,
i think i m gonna use it one last time,
a date, eventhough its a not a mandate,
i was dumbfound, by her grace,
the smile on her face,
stumbled on my pace, over and over again
It was the laces to my heart…
Oh don’t we all wish we had a time machine…

oh baby,
Hold my hands..
ohh…. (2x)

Let’s go


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